Asphalt Patch & Repair Maintenance Novi, MI.

As a result of Michigan’s extreme weather and use of salt, we’re no strangers to potholes. Potholes are created after winter’s freeze-thaw cycle, leaving you with a dangerous and unsightly hole in your asphalt surface.

As times have changed so has asphalt patch and repair serives. We use the latest technology such as profile milling and saw cut transitions to be cost efficient and prolong the life expectancy of even temporary fixes. Our professional team will work with you to cause minimal disruption to your business while we work to provide the longest-lasting, high-quality solution to restor the integrity of your pavement.

Avoid Future Potholes With Our Asphalt Maintenance Services.

When cracks are allowed to remain in asphalt parking lots, roads, or driveways, you are providing opportunities for potholes and larger cracks to form. By sealing asphalt cracks with filler followed up with sealcoating over the entire surface, you can extend the life of your asphalt surface and prevent the need for larger repairs in the future.

Our experienced team can provide a free inspection and prepare an honest, accurate estimate that will address any cracks or maintenance needed on your residential or commercial property.

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